Mobile/Android Applications

Brooklyn College Navigator

Role: Lead developer
Status: Published, v1.3 [v2.0 in development]

Official college portal app for Android and iOS, linked to in-house database-backed API services. Primarily designed for student use, BC Navigator includes course-catalog, campus-life, and on-/off-campus mapping functionality, as well as at-a-glance student information and digital photo ID.

As CUNY Brooklyn College is a public, commuter-oriented school, with an international population, the app is free, locale- & language-aware, and open to both members of the campus community and those interested in the college.

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Super Spiral Graph

Role: Sole developer
Status: Published, v3.0

A creative drawing app for Android, evocative of the popular children's mathematical-drawing toy. Designed to target parents and grandparents seeking to share their childhood experiences with a new generation. Graphics and usability improve with each version, in response to extensive user feedback.

In order to appeal to a family-oriented audience, the business model chosen was free/paid with feature limits, and no ads or in-app purchases.

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Role: Sole developer
Status: In-development

A themed puzzle game app for Android, exploiting a niche interest group of people who enjoy word puzzles and who are interested in "geek culture" topics: science-fiction & fantasy, comics, anime/manga, etc. Based on research into similar apps, users seem to be attracted more strongly to hand-designed puzzles rather than computer-generated ones, and to themed/topical puzzles rather than random word lists. Therefore, I created an internal-use puzzle-builder (also an app), and am building an initial inventory of puzzles.

Both in-app purchases (of 2-3 puzzles in a pack) and subscriptions (monthly) will be offered, and a modified version of the builder app may be released eventually as a tool for educators.

Craft/Maker Project Planner

Role: Sole developer
Status: In-development

A project-planner & organizer app for Android, specifically geared towards hobbyists and semi-professionals involved in crafts and "maker culture". The app extensively leverages on-device databases to offer users a powerful, yet accessible, tool for personal organization, inventory control, and project planning/management. Notably, since the target audience covers a broad spectrum of technical acumen, achieving ease-of-use and comfort with the user interface is a major development focus.

Contextual ads and affiliate-purchasing (with multiple supported vendors and shopping/wish list support) dovetail neatly with the intended usage and target audience of the app.

Desktop Applications

Access Control manager

Role: In-house developer/trainer, liaison with external vendor
Status: Deployed/In-use

The client ("PK", real estate property manager) required a customized MS Access database to interface with an externally-developed RFID building access controller, including forms, query-capability, and data translation from their legacy DOS-based records. I set up tables, queries, and forms to manage access for their building residents and personnel, including real-time views of building-entry data generated by the third-party software. My duties also included providing on-going support and training for management staff.

Security Stats report generator

Role: In-house developer/trainer
Status: Deployed/In-use

The client ("PK", real estate property manager) needed to create on-the-fly geospatial charts reflecting the raw data generated by their Security statistics tracker. The charts would be created by Security management personnel, but would be presented to civilian Board members, so while the output had to be clear at-a-glance, the actual report generator needed several fine-adjustment handles. I set up a Visual Basic form to interface with their software's query generator and generate an Excel bubble chart with a fixed-dimension map background. This project was done in 2007, so standard GIS tools and approaches were not available.

Web Applications

Property Management portal

Role: Designer/developer
Status: Cancelled

A web portal developed for PK, above, to provide their residents with frequently-requested information, property-wide news and announcements, and contact information for public-facing departments. Notable challenges included standards-compliance & UI accessibility to support the community's large population of seniors, and cultural-sensitivity & language-accessibility to support the community's diverse native & immigrant populations. The project was cancelled prior to deployment due to lack of in-house support personnel.